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On the road again... Also on Planes

'Have you ever been to Austria before?' This was the question I was asked by the production company. Next thing I knew, I'm packing a bag to head off to Vienna!

Working with a wonderful tech company, of whom I've worked with before. Needed me to come along and film their experience at the We Are Developers tech conference in Vienna.

It was a busy few days, I realised through the day that half of the engineers didn't know who I was. So with good humour I ensured them I was there specifically to capture them for promotional video content. Although it looked as if I was just some guy with a camera, following them around and generally tagging along for the ride.

I was given a very general brief, and a good element of creative control. Once I captured the important sections, I then tried capturing the conference in the most dynamic way possible. After the first day I thought, how can I make this any more interesting? So I came up with a story element to the video, which the creative team at (tech company) Loved. So the 2nd day I spent creating and crafting a story to their promo.

Now I'm home, editing and compiling my ideas together, I am so glad that I added this story element to it. I'm happy with my work, and with thanks to everyone at the conference, this will end up being a cooooool promo.

Needless to say I'm very lucky to be able to travel for my work and I'm always very grateful for the opportunity to do so. I always repay that with hard work and judging by how tired I was when I got home, I'd say I worked pretty hard.

(Behind the scenes of my shoots on tour)

#videography #travelvideo #documentary #promotionalfilm #Technology #Conference

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