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Making a feature film - Behind the scenes

A couple of days ago I finished a job on a new independent feature film ‘Escape’ due for release on Boxing day 2017. As usual it was an intense but fun shoot. I always enjoy working with Director Nicholas Winter and Producers Jeet Thakrar & Lucinda Rhodes – Thakrar, lovely, hard working and inspirational people.

On this film I reprised my familiar role as a camera assistant. However on this job I had a little more responsibility due to the nature of the shoot. Setting up lights as well as rigging cameras. This I always enjoy, even though it means doubling up and running around a little more, it means I’m more involved with the creative process and creative decisions that will end up on the final film. Also anything I can do to help Nick, he’s one of the hardest working and talented directors I know, so being a part of that is a pleasure.

Here’s a few behind the scenes images from the shoot!

I have worked as a camera assistant since 2015, on a variety of shoots. I’m super lucky to have had the experiences I have had and too have met and work with so many wonderful people,

some of which I feel and hope will be life long friends.

So now some time to indulge and reminisce. Here’s some images from back in the day.

What's next? To continue to pursue my career as a Director!

#filmmaking #camera #featurefilm

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