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AR (The Making of the short film)

A short post for a short film.

Title: AR: Augmented Reality

A brief synopsis of the film:

AR follows the story of a girl and her obsession with an augmented reality game on her phone.

Like any film, this started with a simple idea. I was at an airport, it was early in the morning and I was waiting in the departures lounge, as I walked around I noticed that there was a lot of people playing the Pokémon Go game. It was a big trend that summer; I myself have never played it, partly because I had a broken phone at the time.

I noticed everyone’s engagement and how they were only half in touch with the real world, the game encourages you to be connected to the real world but also for you to connect with a simulation. So I wondered what would happen if it connected them to the supernatural and if anyone would actually notice the difference.

So I wrote the script straight away, as I knew it was only going to be a 2/3-minute short I didn’t hang around! I managed to get two drafts done on the plane. First being pretty much unreadable as always and the second cleaning up on the idea and story. However due to other projects and general life obstacles I had to shelve the project for a while.

Then December came and all of a sudden I had a lot more free time, I found a location. Which I discovered serendipitously. Casted Jasmine and Natalie in the roles and brought Kirsty Smith on board for make up. That with my already go to guys and good friends Lucas and Ayash and we were pretty much ready to go.

So comes along the shoot day, and it was a crazy one, but we managed to get most of the film complete. Unfortunately we had to drop a couple of sequences, as they just didn’t work. But having said that, when you watch the film, you can’t tell that anything is missing.

So now the film is finished and is being entered into film festivals. I’ll most likely update this post if it’s accepted anywhere.

You can watch the final film here:

Big shout out and props to all involved, it wouldn’t be possible to make these projects happen with out these people.

Lucas Pasiut

Ayash Patel

Jasmine Horn

Natalie Ann Boyd

Kirsty Smith

Nick Winter

Ismael Issa

Raquel Guerrero

Martin King

Melanie King

Melissa King

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