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I discovered my passion for filmmaking in my youth, finding it to be a profound means of expression and connection. As an award-winning and thoughtful director, I prioritise the significance of storytelling and character development, aiming to tell real and impactful narratives. I believe in the power of stories to give voice to the voiceless and to educate and empower audiences.

Collaborating with talented casts and crews, I embrace the challenge of evoking genuine emotions in viewers, whether it be joy, sadness, or introspection. Understanding the innate human inclination towards narrative, I strive to utilise the power of storytelling to foster meaningful connections with audiences worldwide.

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Awards and features

OFFICIAL SELECTION - APEX Film Awards - 2023 White.png
Grand Prix Best European Short Documentary - European Short Awards - 2023(1).png
BEST DIRECTOR - London Director Awards - 2023.png
BEST SHORT DOCUMENTARY - 2024 UK Seasonal Short Film Festival - 2023 (1).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Los Angeles Short Film Award - 2023 white.png

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